2017 Car Show Classes

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NOTE : "After many unsuccessful attempts to get more Water Cooled VWs to attend our show , we are reducing the number of classes offered to Water Cooled. The number of participants in this category have been slim to none. This leaves us having numerous trophies left over at great expense. Sorry for the inconvenience but it is what  it is.  If the numbers increase  we will offer a larger number of classes. We are still wanting these VWs to attend our show  and welcome any and all that show up."
Thanks for your understanding.
Wild Bill Tucker, President.

Classes for 2017 Rare Air VW Show


1.      Bug, Stock  (Early) Up to 1967

2.      Bug, Stock  (Late) Standard /, 1968 and later

3.      Bug, Custom  Up to 1979

4.      Bug, Convertible, All years

5.      Camper All Years , Stock  or Custom , Air  or  Water

6.      Ghia, Stock

7.      Ghia, Custom

8.      Ghia, Convertible

9.      Daily Driver, Stock All years, Air Cooled

10.     Daily Driver Custom All Years , Air Cooled

11.     Rat Rod All Years and Types

12.     Type 2 Stock  (Early) Up to 1967

13.     Type 2 Stock  (Late) 1968 and Later

14.     Type 2 Custom All Years

15.     Type 3 & 4    

16.     Type 181 (Thing)

17.     Dune Buggy 

18.     Rail Buggy 

19.     New Beetle , Stock and Custom

20.     Water-Cooled, Stock 

21.     Water-Cooled, Custom 

22.     Special Interest  (Trikes, Kits, etc)  (Body/Chassis or Engine must be VW)

23.     In Progress (Almost finished but still working on it. 50 to 80% complete)   

24.     Air Cooled Other than VW    (914, Corvairs, etc)


                                   Special Recognition:

                                   Best of Show

Best Paint

Best Interior

Best Engine

Best Display

Peoples Choice - Each show contestant gets 2 Votes

(You can only vote  once for your own Vehicle , pick out  your other vote from other contestants)


              Longest Distance Driven- Trophy and Gas Money

( No Trailer Queens, Must Be Actually Driven under it's own power 

From Address Listed on Application )

Most Club Participation (Rare Air Excluded)

President's Choice

The Most Rust 


       Note:    Rare Air VW Club reserves the right to reclassify any vehicle that was 

entered Into  the wrong Class after registration.