Welcome to my web site!  Please read below to hear about what we are learning in second grade.  I also will be listing homework assignments, test and quiz dates, plus any additional projects or activities that we will be doing.  I am excited to be working with your child!  Please contact me by email (kgangel@rappahannockschools.us), written note, or telephone (540 227-0200) if you have any questions or concerns.  The best time to reach my by phone is from 10:15 - 10:50, or after school until 5:00.
    I want to thank you in advance for all of your help and support that you will be giving throughout the year.
                                                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Kathryn Gangel

Special note;  If you read this page for the first time, please send me an email or a note to school with your child and he/she will receive a treat.  Thank you.



Important Information Concerning Homework

   Your child will be bringing home a folder on Friday containing the following week's homework assignments along with practice and graded papers.  Please return the empty  folders to school on Monday with the signed behavior chart.   The reading homework will be to read at least 15 minutes per night, Monday through Thursday and record it on the reading diary.  For a normal school week of five days students will bring home the reading book on Wednesday to reread the story for the quiz.  The reading diary should be returned to school on Friday.  Students should study spelling words for the practice test on Thursday and final test on Friday.
In math, the homework page will be attached to the Friday newsletter and students should continue to practice the basic math facts for a quick recall.

Week of 11-20-17 and 11-27-17



    In math we will be subtracting two digit numbers with and without regrouping.  We will continue to review basic addition facts with sums to 20 and the corresponding subtraction fact. 

We will be having the Math 100 Race on Fridays.  Congratulations to Kyleigh and Morgan for passing the Math 100 Race in addition in 4 minutes.

Next we will start having the Math 100 Race in subtraction.

Science/Social Studies 

Next week we will be presenting our projects on the Native Americans.   The following week we will be reviewing the three regions and taking the unit test on Thursday.  The students will baring home a study guide in the Tuesday folder.  Please help your child review for this test.  Thank you.

Mrs. Gangel’s Reading Class News    

    For the week of Nov. 11 we will be doing Thanksgiving activities in place of reading a story from the reading book, nor will we be having a spelling test.

Week of Nov.  27        

Story  -  "Busy, Buzzy, Bee"

Vocabulary  - another, change, field, touch, twelve, wait, wild

Word Study, spelling, and skills – spell words with long "o"sound, identify rhyming words, comprehension strategies, read a poem, identify words with multiple meanings, identify words with "air, ear, eer".

English  - identifying articles (the, an, a ) and words that compare (er, est)

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