Mrs. Bailey's Newsletter


Mrs. Bailey’s 5th Grade Newsletter

Week of: November 13 - 17


This week we will continue working on dividing decimals. Please help your child learn and remember the multiplication facts by studying 10 minutes each night with them. Please focus on the 3's - 8's.  

Homework is given Monday-Thursday in Math class.


In our block 4 class we have learned the 5 step process of writing to compose narratives and will always be working on a writing piece. We are now focusing on improving writing skills that are commonly done incorrectly, such as using I and me correctly, capitalizing proper nouns, and using commas correctly Each week we also incorporate listening activities. Writing class is every 3 days.

Mrs. Vickers teaches grammar in her block 4 class. We share the online grade book. Grades given in my Writing class are under the categories "Writing Workshop" and "Listening Activities". 

Homework is not given in my Writing  class.


Please check with your child regularly to be sure he/she has a steady supply of paper           and lead pencils. Mechanical pencils aren't allowed in 5th grade.

On Tuesday, mid-terms will go home.

Fall break will be November 22-24.

The Holiday SHop will be open December 4-8 for Christmas purchases.