Mr. Way's Science Newsletter

Dec. 3 - 9

 Hello Fifth Grade Families,
     We will finish the unit on matter this week. All assignments in the unit should be completed and submitted by Friday, 12/4. The Matter Quiz should also be taken on or before Friday, 12/4. 
      Our next unit of study will be about cells. Students will learn what cells are as well as the difference between animal and plant cells. Students will also gain an understanding of the function of several organelles found in plant and animal cells. Information pages and videos have been posted in the Canvas module. Students should read all parts of the science module that say PLEASE READ as well as view all posted videos. Assignments are the parts of the module with a points total under the title. Assignments are also listed below in this newsletter. 
      Please log onto Canvas and refer to the Science Module regularly because I am not posting the entire unit all at once. I will add to the content in the module as we progress through the unit. 
       We will probably be studying cells for several weeks.
Graded Assignments:   

  • Function of Cell Organelles (12 pts.)
  • Compare and Contrast Animal and Plant Cells (10 pts.)

  •   Please return interim envelopes with a parent signature if you have not already done so.