Science -  I plan to cover the major organs vertebrates have in common and the function of each. I have no tests planned for the remainder of the year in science. I will give two quizzes - one after the fish dissection and one after the frog dissection. Both will count as 20 point grades. I am also planning to collect the science notebooks one more time. The science notebooks will count as a 20 point grade. I will communicate quiz dates and notebook collection date in the assignment agenda. 
History - Final Exam on Tuesday, 5/21. This assessment will count as a 100 point grade. Study guides were completed in class on Monday. All students returning study guides signed by a parent will get 3 extra credit points. Notebooks will be collected and graded this week as well. Notebooks will count as a 20 point grade.

Reminders: I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing, productive, and enjoyable summer break.