Welcome to Mr. Hummill's Immersive and Captivating Civics and Economics Class! 

I can be reached during school hours by these two methods: 


RCES: (540) 277-0200

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Over the course of the year we will cover the following topics:


  • The Constitution of the U.S. and VA!
    • From its foundation to its purpose 
    • Amendments and how they are created
  • Federal, State, and Local government
    • The law-making process
    •  Structure
      • Everyone's favorite term: "Checks and Balances"
    •  Role in our lives
  • The court system
    • Federal, state, and local level
    • Civil and criminal cases
  • Political parties and elections
    • Media influence
    • Interest groups
    • The largest question mark: the Electoral College
  • Citizenship and Character
    • How to become a citizen
    • What it means to display "good character"
  • U.S. Economy
    • Structure
    • Role of the U.S. government
  • Personal Finance
    • Decision-making model
If you would like a more thorough list of what we will be studying, you can access it here:

For free civics games and resources, visit: https://www.icivics.org/