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  • In Kindergarten screening begins with books read aloud and discussions that highlight Larry Bell's Powerful Words.  From his list of twelve words we cover: predict, trace, compare, contrast, describe and summarize.  As the year goes on our students learn to use these.  In grades one through two our screening is integrated through problem solving in math classrooms.  We continue to use the powerful words, explain, analyze, infer, support,  formulate, and evaluate.  We take on the role of detectives learning to follow UPSC - Understand, Plan, Solve and Check! 
  • Our problem-solving becomes a full fledged enrichment for our high ability math classes and we use the Continental Math League Challenges to work at higher levels.  Detective work continues and our mathematicians begin finding and creating their own problems.The problem-solving continues across the curriculum in the grades three through seven English classrooms.  We participate in the WordMasters Challenge and learn advanced vocabulary to solve analogies.

  • Through writing we may inform, entertain or persuade via our grade level newspapers.  Students enjoy the responsibility and challenge of producing this literary document. The entire grade level enjoys reading the final product.

  • At RCHS the role of the specialist is often as a resource to teachers and students.  There have been opportunities to integrate into classrooms and conduct lessons using structured academic controversy, hands-on-equations and  pre-AP and AP curriculum.  Screening and assessment opportunities continue at the high school level, particularly in conjunction with students hopes to participate in the Summer Residential and Regional Governor's Schools. Leadership opportunities for students exist through clubs like SCA and LEO.  Help is provided in completing applications for the Governor's Schools.

Math 24

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Throughout the year students are encouraged to practice Math 24.  Some classrooms have cards produced by Suntex that we use today, some I-pads and other devices have apps, but actually, it is an old Chinese game, according to Wikipedia.The game can be played with a regular deck of cards using the 1-9 cards for the basic game, dealing out 4 cards and determining how to add, subtract, multiply or divide to reach 24. The double digits can be added later and are, in the upper grades.   

This website has solutions:   But they are difficult for students to understand at the younger grades/

This year Rappahannock has been invited to participate in the tournament in Orange County on April 19, 2018. Grade levels will determine which students attend the event.

AMC8 Math Test

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This year students from grades 6, 7, and 8 participated in the American Mathematics Competition for grade 8. The information below will allow students to review how they did this year, and prepare for the future.  There are AMC10 and 12 assessments that we still have more to learn about. While searching to learn more about the Mathematical Association of America's competitions I found a site that analyzes and advises students about the program: the Ivy League Education Center even provides prep courses.

Summer Passions

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Keep those minds pursuing all the fun ideas you encountered this year.  We have such enthusiastic scientists in our system, of all ages.  The Summer Enrichment section of the website for Gifted Information has many different opportunities listed.  Parents keep sharing what you have found and I will add it. Below are a mixture of some new and old science related links I was reminded of through the Center for Excellence in Education.

Information from NAGC

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The National Association for Gifted Children has a very informative website. The parent link has resources we can all benefit from investigating.  

Excellent Experience for Students thinking about a college future! Parents, too.

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Focusing on the Future - William and Mary's Center For Gifted Education (CFGE) offers Focusing on the Future (FOF), an annual career and academic planning conference, held every year on the first Saturday in February. Registration is open for FOF 2017! Please download the brochure (pdf) for courses offered and how to register. Watch for this each year! 

Look at the Enrichment Pages for Links

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STEM Aero space classes through NASA
Summer Residential Summer Governor's Schools
Grades K-5  UVA Saturday Enrichment  in Charlottesville.

Art Opportunities

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Rappahannock County and LFCC often have wonderful enriching opportunities and students are invited to participate!  Members of the Middle Street Gallery and instructors at LFCC have recommended that students consider semester &/or summer classes in the arts. Often schedules fill with required classes and the arts get neglected.  Watch the paper for weekend workshops and visit the galleries to learn about monthly activities.

Scholarship Form

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Northern Virginia Council for Gifted/Talented Education no longer provides scholarships.  Check for opportunities through VAG or local sources.  Some camps offer scholarships on a first come first serve basis.  


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RCHS Career Fair Grades 7-12

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After our amazing field trip to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, students got to explore career opportunities at the job fair on Friday.
They got to talk to professionals in a wide range of fields from this region.  We also had a table highlighting the Next Step program and Enriching Opportunities to try out. You can find many links at the Summer Enrichment Opportunities portion of my main website: 

Below are 2 images from the fair.  Rappahannock Electric Cooperative encouraged students to test the gear.  They also provide scholarship and contest opportunities for students: advertised through their monthly magazine.  
The other image is of the Enriching Opportunities table.  There are many ways to test the waters in the different careers.  Right now sixth and seventh grade students are to become scientific researchers. Students in the upper grades should talk to science or English teachers if they are interested in carrying out an investigation.

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