You have reached the webpage of Patti Waddell.  I am teaching 1 section of Biology this semester and 2 sections of Anatomy and Physiology.  The best time to reach me by phone is during my planning period from 9:50-11:10 .  The school phone number is 540-227-0745, Extension 3416.   To access the division's web page use:  http://rappahannockschools.us    My email address is: pwaddell@rappahannockschools.us    Click on Class Activities to see what we are doing in class.  Click on Syllabus to view a course syllabus.  Click on Homework to view assignments for the week.  Click on Pacing Guides to see the semester plan.  To see SOL related materials access the Virginia Department of Education website at: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/science/index.shtml#sol

BIOLOGY--3 ring binder, notebook paper, pen or pencil (no red, purple or light gel
Anatomy and Physiology--same as for biology and add highlighters