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Summer Internship Opportunities

Here is a master list of the internships that we have found thus far.  If you find one interesting, please click on one of the "Field" links listed just below (Science, Business, Arts, Other).  This link will take you to more detailed descriptions of the programs listed below.  You could also look up more information by searching for the internship online.

Science                     Business                    Arts                    Other   

Last Updated: 11/12/2018

        Recently Updated Opportunities (information coming soon):
    •    Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students
    •    CLEO Ambassador
    •    RSMAS High School Internship Progam
    •    Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Science Research Internship
    •    Locust Artbuilders Projects (The LAB)

Note: The dates and information below are subject to change.  If you are interested in an opportunity, confirm relevant information on the program's website
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InternshipField(s)DurationPaidStart DateGrade LevelDeadlineLocation
InternshipField(s)DurationPaidStart DateGrade LevelDeadlineLocation
Locust Arts Builders (The LAB) Arts 3 weeks No Jun 22 10+ Apr 17 FL 
Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Arts 5 weeks No Jun 15 11-12 Rolling FL (CIFO) 
Leadership in the Business World Business 4 weeks No Jul 3 11 Feb 5 PA (Wharton, UPENN) 
Lab Miami Business 6 weeks No Jun 30 10+ Rolling FL 
EveryMundo Business 8 weeks No Jun 15 (or earlier) 11+ Apr 1 FL 
Ashoka's Youth Venture Business 2 weeks No Jun 6 10,11 Rolling FL 
Breakthrough Miami Teacher Other 8 weeks Yes Jun 15 10+ Feb 25 FL (RE et. al.) 
Best Buddies International Other 7 weeks No Jun 1 11+ May 1 FL, IN 
Moondrop Entertainment Other, Business 8 weeks No Jun 16 9+ Mar 1 anywhere! (Work done online) 
Cardiothoracic Skills Summer Internship Science 3 weeks No Jun 20/Jul 11 11+ Feb 22 CA (Stanford) 
JJ Vance Memorial Summer Internship Science 8 weeks Yes Jun 16 11 Mar 4 FL (UM) 
Syntheon Lab Science 8 weeks No Jun 15 11+ Mar 1 FL 
High School Research Apprenticeship Program Science 8 weeks Yes Jun 15 11+ Jan 30 FL (UM) 
Florida State Young Scholars Program Science 8 weeks Yes Jun 22 11+ Mar 1 FL (FSU) 
Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) Science 6 weeks Yes TBA 11+ TBA DC (GWU & DOD) 
Women's Technology Program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Science 4 weeks No Jun 28 11 Jan 1 MA (MIT) 
Orthopedic Surgery Internship/Shadowing Science 4 weeks+ No June (Flexible) 9+ Apr 15 Aventura (FL) 
Research Mentorship Program Science 6 weeks No Jun 19 10+ Mar 18 CA (UCSB) 
Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) Science 6 weeks No Jun 14 11+ Feb 1 MA (MIT) 
International Summer School for Young Physicists Science 2 weeks No Jul 14 10+ Mar 31 Ontario, Canada 
The Summer Science Program (SSP) Science 5 weeks No Jun 15, 22 (Two Programs) 11+ Feb 28 NM, CA 
Women's Technology Program in Mechanical Engineering Science 4 weeks No Jun 28 11 Jan 1 MA (MIT) 
Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens Internship Science 6 weeks Yes Jun 15 10+ Mar 17 FL 
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Scholars Research Program Science 7 weeks No Jun 22 11+ Apr 4 FL (UM) 
Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) Science 6 weeks No Jun 15 10+ Mar 31 MA (BU) 
Research Science Institute (RSI) Science 6 weeks No Jun 25 11 TBD MA (MIT) 
Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students Science 1 week no Jun ? 11+ TBA Ontario, Canada 
Women's Technology Program in Mechanical Engineering Science 4 weeks No Jun 28 11 Jan 1 MA (MIT) 
Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL) Science 2, 7 weeks No Jun 23 (Programs Vary) 10+ Mar 1 RI (Brown) 
Nano-Bio Research Lab Science TBA No TBA 11+ Mar 1 FL (FIU) 
Showing 30 items