Ransom Everglades has always been a school that has valued and focused on experiential learning from the time it was founded in 1903.  With the Summer Learning through Internships and Mentoring (SLIM) Program, we hope to increase some of the opportunities that are available to students in their fields of interest.

Want to Learn about What Internships are Currently Open to Applications?

To learn more about what summer opportunities are available, please click on the "Summer Internship Opportunities" page link in the sidebar. There you can find program descriptions, links, start and end dates, etc.  If you have any specific questions about what is listed, please feel free to contact Dr. John King (jking@ransomeverglades.org) or Paul Natland (pnatland@ransomeverglades.org).

Please check back on this website periodically, as well will be adding internships to this website as we learn about more and as we facilitate the creation of new opportunities.

Interested in Hosting and Internship?

We are looking for individuals, organizations, science labs, etc. who are willing to host RE High School students over the summer.  We are looking for project-based and/or research-based activities in which students can be involved over the summer for 4-8 weeks, ideally between mid-June and early August.  We especially value work with RE alumni and parents in all fields, both in and outside Miami (and even Florida).

If you are thinking about hosting an internship, please click on the "Internship Host Application" page link in the sidebar.  Please fill out the form - it should take only about 10 min. - and it will be submitted directly to us.  We will then get back to you to talk more about what you have in mind!

If you have any questions about sponsoring an internship, please don’t hesitate to email Paul Natland (pnatland@ransomeverglades.org) or Dr. John King (jking@ransomeverglades.org).  


Website last updated: 01/29/19