Apart from being a successful performing artiste, Ranjani has been a brilliant academician and has taken keen interest in the propagation of music through various forums. She received the UGC-NET Junior and Senior Research Fellowship between 2006 and 2011 and has a Doctorate in Music. Her research work focuses on the stylistic diversity within the Gwalior gharana through the analysis of the music of some Gwalior gharana vocalists. The uniqueness of this work lies in the objective manner it has been carried out. Through the study of a few recordings with the basic features of the Gwalior gharana taken as the main parameters for analysis, it establishes and validates the notion that different styles exist harmoniously within a single gharana.

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Ranjani has also collaborated  with Dr. Martin Clayton, Professor of Ethnomusicology and Dr.Laura Leante, Department of Music, Open University, UK on their research project "The Reception of Performance in North Indian Classical Music".

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