Counselor's Corner

COUNSELOR’S CORNER-Ashley E  BWF Counselor    October 2011

Right around the corner, just like the leaves of Fall, is Anti-Drug Awareness Week!
Keep your eyes peeled for information coming home
about how we're celebrating the week in class!
In classroom guidance this month,
students will be learning the importance of saying no to drugs,
alcohol, and tobacco.
Students in kindergarten through sixth grade will participate in 2 lessons
that focus on handling peer pressure and making healthy choices,
tailored to their age level.
To wrap up this month's unit, students will be asked to "Text No 2 Drugs".
The texts written in class will be exhibited in the halls on cell phones that parents,
Mrs. Kernan, and Mrs. Wingo have created.
When you are visiting the school, please take a moment to read the texts
submitted by our wonderful Rangers!

To learn more about what students are learning in
guidance, check out my blog at