Welcome to The Boosterthon Fun Run!

This year’s Boosterthon Fun Run was truly – EPIC.
From the pep rally kick-off where a certain unnamed Principal stole the show
to the day of which featured perfect weather and lots of students having a great time –
the 2011 Fun Run was fantastic.
Many thanks go out to:

• Bethanne Taylor – who, as always, created the decorations for the event.
• Molly Baker, Amy Knight and Tona Hitson – who made sure the decorations were hung.
• Tracy Cron, Renee Fenn and my Boosterthon Committee –
who helped the day of the run passing out water, goldfish and popsicles.
• PTO Board, Lisa Bebenek, Elaine Yeager and Tracy Hayden –
who helped count the money at reconciliation.
• Publix – for donating goldfish and popsicles that were passed out after each run.
• To BWF classroom teachers -
who served as “coaches” during the nine day event
and whose enthusiasm and support is truly appreciated.
• TO ALL WHO PLEDGED AND/OR SECURED PLEDGES – ultimately, this event
wouldn’t succeed were it not for the support of you and your pledge sponsors.
By now, most of you know that if BWF collects 100% of what has been pledged –
we will profit the same as last year – approximately $33,000.
What you don’t know is the following:
• BWF had 89% pledge participation.
• Six classes had 100% pledge participation (Kindergarten: Cates & Waud; 1st Grade –
Peek; 2nd Grade – Scott; 6th Grade – Kelley & Meriwether).
• In terms of pledge participation – the top three grades were 3rd (94.4%), followed by
Kindergarten (92.5%) and rounded out by our school leaders, the 6th grade (91.2%).
• In terms of dollars pledged – the top three classes were Sullivan’s
5th grade ($4,000),
Webster’s 4th grade ($3,800) and Waud’s Kindergarten ($3,300).

“The mission of the Boosterthon Fun Run is to Change the World by strengthening schools and impacting the next generation through Fitness, Leadership, and Character.”

This year’s event is scheduled to kick-off with the annual pep rally on Tuesday, October .  From there, Jonathan Aultman and his team will take BWF students on an EPIC Adventure culminating in the actual run on October .

The idea behind Boosterthon, where students secure pledges for each lap they run, is that our children are the stars!  This program interweaves fitness, leadership, and character together in an unforgettable experience.  BWF students will learn that fitness is fun as they prepare for the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run, and, character lessons will come to life as Jonathan and his team creatively illustrate integrity, honesty and caring.  Students will also learn what it means to be a leader during the nine day experience.

Simply put, Boosterthon Fun Run is more than an elementary school fundraiser. It’s more than a walk-a-thon. The Boosterthon Fun Run is a complete experience.

click on epic adventure icon above to watch a cool video featuring the BWF Boosterthon team and more!!

Epic Adventure  2011 Character Theme

This fun, island-inspired theme is all about TEAMWORK.  We are all on teams—a sports team, a family, or a class. We feel that it is vitally important for students to grow character by being excellent team members. We want to specifically focus on growing teams inside the classroom.

The word "EPIC" is an acronym with each letter representing an Adventure Action.  

Students will learn four specific ways to be a great teammate:

E- Encourage – Team members build each other up with their words and never tear anyone down.

P- Play – It’s important for teams to exercise and play together outside, building friendships on the playground and in the neighborhood.

I- Invite –Sometimes people may be outsiders or feel excluded from the group. Great teams see others on the sidelines and invite them into the group.

C- Celebrate – Celebrating other’s victories is so important. Team members are not jealous of other’s successes; they celebrate with them and should applaud everyone’s accomplishments.

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Also, please look at our survey from last yr below.

If you have questions about Boosterthon
and/or would like to volunteer to help the day of the run,
please contact chair

Ranger PTO Technology Coordinator,
Sep 13, 2011, 7:54 PM