a Traffilog® and Mobileye Integrated Safety Offering from Range Gen  

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 72% of all collisions are caused by driver actions and behaviors. Traffilog® can maximize fleet operational efficiency through innovative driver safety and vehicle diagnostics technology. By combining customized technical capability with professional expertise, The Traffilog® system has proven globally its ability to positively impact driving performance. Traffilog® has recently partnered with Mobileye®, an Advanced Driver Assistance System, to enhance its Drive Smart Program designed to reduce the number of road crashes caused by driver behavior.

Mobileye Truck Video all six system features

Mobileye Artificial Vision Technology

Since its inception in 1999 Mobileye has led the way in machine vision technology for mono-cameras, supplying global vehicle manufacturers with the core System-on-Chip designed to specification for vision based solutions. Mobileye’s key breakthrough was the realization that all the desired functions could run from the input of the mono-camera, pioneering a new path in machine vision technology. At the time, all other automotive suppliers were focused on stereo vision or alternative technologies such as radar. This realization was a revolutionary leap in the market in 1999. Today Mobileye continues to lead the field of mono vision for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).