Just as most economies today need an "all of the above energy policy" your fleet needs an "all of the above efficiency strategy". 

Range Gen has many methods of assisting your fleet in achieving your efficiency goals! 

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, the heart of worldwide automotive manufacturing, Range Gen was founded as an energy and mechanical services firm to provide fuel enhancement and fleet optimization services to large fuel consuming industries. Range Gen is further poised to assist companies, municipalities, defense and government agencies comply with federal mandates to cut energy usage and carbon dioxide (CO₂).

Range Gen offers customized optimization solutions that continuously contribute to lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs for its clients. The company currently markets and installs aftermarket mechanical improvements for combustion engine applications and aerodynamic solutions which combined, increase fuel efficiency and significantly reduce emissions. Also providing advanced telematics, fleet management and fuel services for its clients; Range Gen has a distinct advantage over its competitors which focus primarily on sales of individual equipment. Range Gen has one of the strongest value propositions in business today....Utilize Range Gen’s optimization solutions and to save more on fuel cost and consumption immediately, while lowering emissions.

The company assembles several efficiency components and solutions into customized optimization packages which in turn, provide a higher ratio of return to the large fuel consumers through synergy. This unique approach to fuel savings and efficiency is generating high levels of interest in multiple segments of diesel powered applications. Fuel enhancement and fleet optimization in over the road trucking, marine vessel, locomotive, stand alone power generation and diesel engine industries can all benefit from our solutions.