Randstad and VSO have been partners for 15 years now - a long lasting partnership for a good reason, because our organizations fit together perfetly. VSO searches and sends out qualified professionals to developing countries where they share skills and experience to effectively combat poverty. Randstad's core capability is matching people's talents and clients' needs while boosting a long-standing culture of promoting all interests simultaneously. In the partnership we connect our strength and strive for one common goal; to improve the employability of poor and marginalized people. We want to achieve this goal by using the skills and knowledge of our Randstad employees in VSO livelihood projects. Our staff can volunteer their time in placements for up to one year overseas.

The VSO-Randstad partnership is very valuable to us, because shaping the world of work does not end on our doorstep or at country borders. It is a great incentive for our employees to be able to go overseas on a VSO placement, share their knowledge with local communities, and bring back a wealth of learning and insights. Supporting VSO's recruitment processes to enable them to place more professionals as volunteers wherever they are needed, is very rewarding.”

Jacques van den Broek - CEO