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"... shaping the world of work does not end on our doorstep..."


“The VSO-Randstad partnership is very valuable to us, because shaping the world of work does not end on our doorstep or at country borders. It is a great incentive for our employees to be able to go overseas on a VSO placement, share their knowledge with local communities, and bring back a wealth of learning and insights. Supporting VSO's recruitment processes to enable them to place more professionals as volunteers wherever they are needed, is very rewarding.”

Jacques van den Broek - CEO

randstad & VSO: image what we can do together!

almost 200 randstad volunteers
Randstad and VSO have had a partnership since 2004. Randstad employees can volunteer through VSO in various capacities. In the first place, staff can volunteer overseas: we have short-term assignments available of 6 to 12 weeks and long-term ones from 3 to 9 months. Until 2017, almost 200 Randstad employees have volunteered in a range of assignments and countries.
Randstad employees are however also welcome to volunteer in their home country, perhaps even from behind their own desk, e.g. by providing their expertise to a local VSO office or assisting colleagues who are volunteering overseas.           

areas of expertise Randstad volunteers
finance, IT, HR, communications, marketing, fundraising, management consultancy, organizational development, urban planning, etc

Current focus countries
Tanzania & India 

In their own words
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Learn about the whole process from your desire to volunteer with VSO up to and including your return from overseas back home and in the office: the VSO Volunteer Journey.

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contact information

For any further information, always contact your Opco VSO Ambassador; if there is no Ambassador, contact the Randstad Partnership Manager. VSO Recruitment can inform you about the selection process.

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