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A HUGE Thank you to our RHS Band Corporate Boosters for 2014-2015:
Amarillo National Bank
Missouri Valley Construction
Happy State Bank
Wal-Mart on Georgia
BNSF Railroad
Law Offices of Wade Byrd

"Music to me is like breathing. I don't get tired of breathing, I don't get tired of music."--Ray Charles

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November 2014

Lots going on: Here is the basic run down of the month.

Band Parents/Students:

Lots of info to get out to you so I'll try to be as brief and informative as possible. As always please don't hesitate to let me know if you need further information or clarification. 

  • Order forms were due Monday. I am no longer accepting orders. 
  • All Money is due December 5th
  • Pick up at RHS Bandhall, Tuesday December 2nd
  • If you sold over 30 poinsettias and you would rather pick them up from Panhandle Greenhouse let me know ASAP and I'll make it happen!!! Could be the easiest option for large orders.
Play Off Game:
  • Our first play off game is Friday, November 14th in Lubbock. 
  • We will leave school at 3:30pm
  • We will eat in Lubbock
  • Game begins at 7pm.
  • I need bus chaperones--We will be short staffed this game due to JH All Region Clinic and Concert
Spring Trip Payment:
  • Next Payment is due November 17th. 
  • Chaperones need to communicate interest by December 1st!
  • Chaperone first payment is due by December 16th. 
  • Refunds for payments made (through non-fundraising efforts) can be requested and honored through December 16th. After that---NO REFUNDS!!!!! 
All Region Band Tryouts: WINDS & Others who are auditioning
  • Meet at Amarillo High in the cafeteria (warm up room) Tuesday, Nov. 11th by 5:15pm
  • Dress Comfortably
  • Bring water if you need it
  • You may bring homework or a book to read by NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES. This includes Cell phones and tablets. 
  • I have no idea how long your audition will take. Please make sure you have a way to contact your ride when you are done. 
I think that's it! For now at least!!!!

Mrs. Denney

October 2014

Great marching season! Super proud...very tired...very proud!

Mrs. Denney

September 2014
This is the time where we start really working towards perfecting everything that we do on and off of the field. October is the month of contests so we have to be ready to compete at a high level and all of that preparation began in August and is in full swing during September. Now is the time to pass off all of your music. GET IT DONE. We can all accomplish great things if we put our mind to it. Make the commitment now to be great. It won't happen in a day--it is a result of long hours of continuous progress and hard work. 

Let's Keep pushing band. Don't let up!!

Oh, and pay your fees :)

Mrs. Denney

August 2014
Summer band was a fantastic success!! Proud of your efforts during those 3 weeks. We are off to a great start band!

Mrs. Denney

July 2014
Summer band is almost upon us! Are you ready?!? If you attended band camp then I know that you are ready to go. If not then you probably need to dust off your horn and start playing some warm ups and lip slurs etc. Check your reed situation and make sure you have what you need to get the year started off right!

You can help us out by doing a bit of practicing and exercise before we get back into the swing of things in a few weeks. That way summer band isn't such a shock to the system! 

I have sent a mass email to those who are enrolled in band for the fall. It contains the information that you need to bring to the first day of summer band. I also sent the exact same information packet in the mail. It should arrive the week of July 21st. If you don't receive either one of those items, you can download the information on this website. No excuses!!

Bring all completed forms with you to the first day of summer band. 

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer!!! I can't wait to get this season started.

Mrs. Denney

April 2014
UIL C&SR contest is over and both bands were awarded first divisions on stage and in Sight reading. Winds received a sweepstakes!! Your directors are very proud of all of your efforts. Now we begin the grueling yet exciting task of ending one year and starting another. 

Seniors--Baby pic's for the banquet are due by April 25th.
Seniors--Booster Scholarship applications are due by April 25th
All Band members--Pics for the band video are due by April 25th

Can't believe we are in the final 6 weeks of this year!

Keep pushing ahead and we will accomplish great things!


March 2014

Two words...SPRING BREAK!! We are working very diligently in sectionals and rehearsals to tweak and refine our UIL C&SR program. There are clinicians scheduled each week as well as our Pre-UIL good luck concert on March 25th. See you there!!

Keep practicing!
Mrs. Denney

February 2014

This year is flying by and the directors are excited to go to TMEA to bring back more amazing information to make our programs here at Randall even stronger. We are in the throws of planning our spring UIL Concert Season and are excited about the progress that our bands are making. 

Mrs. Denney

January 2014

Congratulations to those who made Area and auditioned in Abilene earlier this month. We had a great showing and represented CISD and Randall with pride. Congrats to Aly Crawford for qualifying for the 5A All State band!

Stay warm!

Mrs. Denney

December 2013

Winter Concert was awesome!! Thanks to all who helped behind the scenes make it run so smoothly. 

Congratulations to the 50 members of the Region Band!!! 

Congratulations to the 29 of you who qualified for Area tryouts that are held in January!!!! So proud of you for all of your effort.

We will be moving to using School Connect instead of Twitter this semester along with the rest of RHS and I'll be sending out information on how to dowload this app and get it up and running on your phone. 

Have a Happy Holiday Season!!

Mrs. Denney

November 2013

We had a very busy November preparing for our Winter Concert and region/Area auditions.

October 2013

It is the busiest month of the year for marching band! Please make sure that you've marked all contest and rehearsal dates on your calendar. Attendance is vital to the success of our band. 

All music should be passed off at this point i.e. memorized and played for a director from memory. We provide times during class, before and after school for you to take care of this obligation. Marching band is just music put to movement...the music is THE most important part. If you haven't passed off everything yet you need to make that a priority.

You must pass ALL classes with a 70 or above to be eligible for marching at games and contests for the rest of October. (There are a couple of exceptions for AP or Dual Credit classes but not many--besides, if you're in one of those advanced classes you should be passing anyways right??)

We've worked hard band--this is the big push--continue to work hard and we can look back proudly on our season no matter the outcome. 

Mrs. Denney

September 2013

The RHS 2012-2013 Winds AND the 2012-2103 Westover Honors Band both received Commended Honors from the national "Mark of Excellence" music competition!
I'm pretty excited!!! None of this could be possible without the support from our administration,fantastic staff and amazing parents. Thank you guys for all you do to ensure that our programs are successful on a local and national stage. 

Here is some info about the ‘Mark of Excellence’ Awards: (I took this from their website...mostly)

The “Mark of Excellence” music competition is entered with recordings. The top quarter are selected as National Winners and the second quarter receive Commended Honors. (I'm not sure how many musical ensembles in the nation entered the competition or from how many states but it has been from over 160 entries and 32 states in the past...not sure about this time around though.)

Band adjudicators were: Dr. Kraig Alan Williams, the Director of Bands, Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Wind Studies Program at the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University; Colonel John R. Bourgeois, USMC (Ret), the 25th Director of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band; and Eugene Migliaro Corporon, the conductor of the Wind Symphony and Regents Professor of Music at the University of North Texas.

The groups received written comments and suggestions from the adjudicators and a compilation CD of the winning performances. Winners will also be recognized in regional and/or national publications and at national and regional conventions. National winners and Commended winners
receive a trophy. It is hoped that the critiques and the compilation recordings will prove helpful in improving performance in high school and middle school bands, and will spread knowledge of quality literature.

For more information about the national “Mark of Excellence” awards, visit this website:

Congrats Raiders & Warriors :) :)

August 2013

I hope you've had a great summer and are ready to get to work on this awesome show!! Darkest Before Dawn is coming to halftime shows near you in 2013. 

The freshmen have done an amazing job so far at their camp and I can't say enough about how awesome our leadership team is. This year is going to be off to a seriously good start. Let's keep up the momentum band!!

In true Denney fashion I've messed up the times that we are supposed to be at Randall for next week. The times that you have on the paper mailout are correct. We go from 1:30-2:30 in the afternoon. So sorry for the confusion!!!

See ya soon, 

Mrs. D

July 2013

It is official!! Summer band has begun. The colorguard has completed a three day show camp, leadership team attended a retreat in CETA canyon and the Freshmen will start up soon!!

Get the sunscreen ready band!! Find your water jug!

Mrs. Denney


Summer is upon us. What an awesome year we had! Your directors are gearing up for next year even as we speak. What can you do to help ensure that the Raider Band has every possibly opportunity for success??? Glad you asked! 
  • Practice your instrument--don't get rusty or let your chops get weak. 
  • Spend some time outside getting used to the heat, workout a little bit--start to improve your cardio and strength--this marching show is going to be demanding and you'll need to be in good shape to pull it off :) 
  • Go to band camp!!!
The summer band schedule is under the Announcements tab in the navigation bar. The schedule for the year is also on CHARMS. Please make sure that you have already checked for conflicts. Make note of the SAT and ACT testing dates and potential conflicts. Don't sign up for a testing date on the same day as a contest!!! 

Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and have an awesome summer!! I'll see you soon :)

Mrs. Denney


Those who say that we are winding down the year have never been a band director!! May is packed with events for us. Keep your band calendar close and check it often to ensure that you aren't forgetting something important!!

Drumline Auditions & Camp May 9-11th, Colorguard Tryouts May 13th,  May Spring Concert May 14th, Band Banquet May 18th, TSSEC trip in Austin May 24-26, Graduation May 31st. 

In the midst of that we have to turn in tuxedos, school owned instruments, administer/take the EOC STAAR tests and kick off the next school year. 

It will be busy!! 

Keep working hard...the end of the year is in sight!

Mrs. Denney


What a successful UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest we had! Congratulations to both bands on earning a Sweepstakes on stage and in the sight reading room. Your hard work and dedication was recognized by the judges on that day!! Ms. Marruffo and Mrs. Denney are proud to stand before you each day!!

So much to do as the year winds down!! You should be pulling your solo or ensemble out of your folder again and practicing it for the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest coming up. 

Practice Practice!!

Mrs. Denney


March is going to be super busy! With the spring trip and preparation for UIL contest there is hardly a day that isn't packed full of things to do. 

Keep practicing! 

Mrs. Denney


February brings about a new set of goals for the Randall High School Band: Sectionals for both bands are in full swing, students are practicing for Solo & Ensemble, our two All-Staters will be traveling to San Antonio with Mrs. Denney and Ms. Marruffo in mid-February for the TMEA convention
and there are clinicians scheduled for the next few weeks. February is when we start really digging into our music for UIL contest that we host in April. You should be taking your horn home each night and working on your individual part. 

Along with all of this the final trip payments have been made and I hope you are all as excited about going to Disney World as I am!! There will be a parent meeting regarding the trip towards the end of this month detailing the trip more extensively. 

Looking forward to making music with you!


Mrs. Denney

January is a busy month for the Randall High School Band. With Area audtions, All-Region Band clinics and concerts, working basketball concession stands, and preparation for Solo & Ensemble our band students, band boosters, and directors are putting in many extra hours for our band program. 

I am looking forward to the second semester and know that it will be as successful as the first. I appreciate the time and energy that parents, students and staff  have put into making our band successful. 


~Mrs. Denney

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