About Rainforest Action Network Chicago

There is a common theme behind the destruction of 80% of the world's old growth forests, global warming, our addiction to oil, and the devastation of Indigenous communities around the globe: powerful multi-national corporations seeking to maximize short-term profits while disregarding long-term consequences.

Meet others who seek to save our planet through creative protest, public awareness, and non-violent direct action. Everyone is welcome -- from seasoned activists to people who just want to learn more about the issues.

We meet at 6:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at the  Dollop Coffee & Tea: 4181 N. Clarendon

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Current Activities

RAN Chicago is a member of the Chicago Clean Power Coalition.  As part of this coalition we are dedicated to improving air quality in Chicago and reducing climate change causing greenhouse gas emissions.  Currently the top priority in this area are Chicago two aging coal fired power plants, Fisk and Crawford.

RAN Chicago has helped or led the organization a number of important actions throughout the city, such as Chicago's main 350.org rallies.  You can hear about new events by joining our Meetup group.

We're opposed to the BP Whiting Oil Refinery, and the plans there to pipe in tar sands oil.  Tar sands are the most ecologically destructive method for obtaining oil.  Beyond the destruction of the Canadian forests, they devastate water supplies, and consume so much energy in the process of refinement that greenhouse gas emissions per unit of energy are equivalent to coal.  More locally, the refinement of this heavier tar sands goop will produce local pollution and comes through pipelines which has the propensity to leak.

The plans to construct the Leucadia Coal Gasification plant is another local topic RAN is strongly opposed to.  The developers of this plant hope to get guarantees from Illinois that no matter how expensive their natural gas made from coal is consumers will pay.  The concept of paying more for dirtier natural gas seems outlandish to us, but apparently not to the Illinois House and Senate.

Movie Nights

RAN Chicago hosts movie nights throughout the summer.  Our next movie is Dirty Business: Clean Coal and the Battle for our Energy Future, 6:30PM Thursday, July 12th, at MultiKulti.  MultiKulti is at 1000 N Milwaukee Ave, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL.  RSVP at our Meetup Page.

Past Actions/Events

These are some of the events RAN Chicago has organized or participated in.