Intellectual Biography: Preston, Saving Creation


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Review, by Robin Attfield
Environmental Ethics 32(2010):417-420.

"Holmes Rolston, III is on any account a towering figure both in environmental ethics and in the field of science and religion. Christopher Preston has now performed a service by publishing Rolston's first biography, written in a relaxed, semi-popular style.  Debates and deep issues are tackled with the profundity they deserve, as well as significant biographical landmarks; in keeping with the style quotations are selected as encapsulating Rolston's thinking of one or another period, but are seldom ascribed to particular works.  ...  One of the greatest strengths of the work is its excellent coverage of theological and religious issues, in connection with Rolston's early upbringing, heritage, and theological training, and with his much more recent work reconciling science and faith.  ...  Preston's enjoyable book ... can be recommended as a good read ... and also supplements the achievements of a thinker who will be as much remembered for his inauguration of environmental philosophy, for his generosity, and for his striking prose evocations of nature, as for the force of his often ingenious and incisive arguments."