Research Support (M. Kirby)

Awarded Funds
41. DARPA-16-33-Office-Wide-BAA-FP-012, Tolerance Mechanisms Through Innovative Population Analysis, DARPA (subcontract via Texas A& M),  $3.35M (CSU Department of Mathematics award $596,000).
Principal Investigator, ARMY STTR Phase II, $310K.
39. Principal Investigator, DARPA-16-42-Prometheus, Geometric, Topological and Dynamic Features of Early Warning of Contagious Respiratory Infection. Award $174,000.
38. Department of Energy, STTR Phase II, $310K, 10/31/16-8/30/18.

37. Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation Award BIGDATA: F: Data Driven Optimization on Flag Manifolds with Geometric Constraints. Award: $600,000.

36. Principal Investigator, Compressive Sensing Flash IR 3D Imager, direct sponsor Physical Sciences, Inc. W911NF-15-P-0025 (PSI- 6662) (DOD STTR Phase I), 10/12/2015-2/12/2016. Award: $50,017.

35. Senior Personnel, Communication through Gestures, Expression and Shared Perception, Defense Advanced Project Research Agency. 7/31/2015-7/30/2020, Total Award: $2,133,844

34. Principal Investigator, RAPID: Early Warning Algorithms for Predicting Ebola Infection Outcomes, National Science Foundation DMS-1513633, 1/1/2015–12/31/2015. Award: $137,119.

33. Principal Investigator, LWIR Compressive Sensing Hyperspectral Imager, sponsor Physical Sciences, Inc. (DOE Phase I), 5/15/2014-11/15/2014.

32. Principal Investigator, Compressed Sensing for Wide Area Chemical and Biological Early Warning, sponsor Physical Sciences, Inc. (DOD Army Phase I, STTR), 10/7/2013-3/15/2014.

31. Principal Investigator, ATD: Detection and Classification of Threats Using Subspace Manifold Geometry, National Science Foundation. 8/1/2013-7/31/2016. $356,000.

30. Principal Investigator, CDS&E-MSS: Algebraic and Geometric Tools and Algorithms for theAnalysis of Data Clouds and Large Data Arrays, National Science Foundation DMS-1228308, 09/01/2012-08/31/2015. $660,000

29. Principal Investigator, Algorithms on Flag Manifolds for Knowledge Discovery in N-way data arrays, DOD-USAF-Air Force, 09/01/2012-8/31/2015.

28. Principal Investigator, Mathematics, Physics and Biology – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Modeling Infectious Disease, Infectious Disease Supercluster, Colorado State University, matching from College of Natural Sciences and Department of Mathematics, 08/01/2012-10/31/2013.

27. Principal Investigator, Prediction and Control of Sepsis, Yale University, 10/29/11-9/29/12.

26. Principal Investigator, ATD: Geometric and Statistical Data Analysis on Special Manifolds for Threat Detection, National Science Foundation DMS-1120875 10/01/2011-09/30/2012.

25. CO-Principal Investigator, Visual Intelligence through Latent Geometry and Selective Guidance, Defense Advance Research Projects Agency 6/23/2010-6/22/2015.

24. Principal Investigator, ATD: Mathematical Algorithms for Characterizing Spectral Signatures, National Science Foundation, supplemental award, award date 09/22/10.

23. Principal Investigator, ATD: Mathematical Algorithms for Characterizing Spectral Signatures, National Science Foundation, 9/1/09-8/31/12.

22. Principal Investigator, Optimizing Detection, Characterization, and Classification of Features and Anomalies in Signals, DOD-NGA-Natl Geospatial-Intelligence, 9/10/08-9/9/11.

21. Principal Investigator, Classification of Data Bundles via Parameter Spaces, DOD/AFOSR FA9550-08-1-0166, 04/01/08-11/30/10.

20. Principal Investigator, Synergistic Mathematics: CSU-PSD, the Bohemian Foundation, 3/1/07–2/28/08.

19. CO-Principal Investigator,CMG: Analysis of Transport, Mixing, and Coherent Structures in Hurricane Intensity, NSF ATM-530884, Funding 10/1/05–9/30/09.

18. Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation MSPA-MCS: New Tools for Algebro-Geometric Data Analysis, 8/15/2004–7/31/2007.

17. CO-Principal Investigator,Geometric Pattern Analysis and Mental Task Design for a Brain-Computer Interface, NSF IIS-0208958, Funding 9/15/02–8/15/06.

16. Principal Investigator, Mutliscale Analysis of Vegetation Disease, United States Forest Service, 8/16/04-7/31/06.

16. Principal Investigator, DOD USAF Office of Scientific Research, Contract # FA9550-04-1-0094, Geometric, Algebraic and Topological Invariants for Signal and Image Processing, 2/15/04–2/14/07.

15. Principal Investigator, Face Manifolds for Recognition, Directorate of Central Intelligence, NMA501-03-BAA-0001, 7/24/03–7/23-05.

14. 2002-2005 Principal Investigator, A Mathematical Modeling Program for Undergraduates in Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology, NSF DUE-0126650

13. Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton N.J. donation to research program in signal processing
2003.26. 2000-2003 Principal Investigator, The Whitney Reduction Network, National Science Foundation DMS 997330, Funding 8/15/00–7/31/03

11. 2000-2003 Principal Investigator, The Whitney Reduction Network, National Science Foundation
DMS 997330, Funding 8/15/00–7/31/03 ,  $163,000.

10. 2001-2002 Principal Investigator, Wavelet Analysis for Detecting and Characterizing Landscape-
Scale Patterns of Forest Disturbance, United States Forest Service, 7/30/01-6/1/02

9. IBM Faculty Award: A Radial Basis Function Approach for Nonlinear Gamut Mapping, (2002).

8. 2000-2001 Principal Investigator, Image Mining of Sensed Data, Technical Management Concepts, Inc., Funding 10/15/00–9/30/01.

7. Principal Investigator, DOD USAF Office of Scientific Research, Contract # F49620-99-1-0034, A Reductionist Approach to Process Discovery.

6. 2000 Principal Investigator, Development of a MATLAB Novelty Detection Algorithm, Honeywell
Corporation, 5/15/00–8/15/00

5. 1999-2000 Honeywell, INC: Asset Analysis II

4. 1998-1999 Honeywell Inc, Principal Investigator, Asset Analysis.

3. 1996-1999 CO-Principal Investigator National Science Foundation Award DMS-9406144, A Taylor-Couette Simulator, Funding: FY1995-1998

2. 1996-1998 Principal Investigator National Science Foundation Award INT-9513880, U.S.-Germany
Cooperative Research on Attractive Invariant Manifolds in High-Dimensional Symmetric Systems

1. 1993-1996 Principal Investigator National Science Foundation Award ECS-9312092, Low-Dimensional Invariant Coordinate Systems for Dynamic Modeling.