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Points System

In order to shadow you must have a total of 10 or more points. These can be earned in various ways.

-1 pt for attending meetings
-1 pts for volunteering activities (at least 5 of the 10 points must be from events)
-Throughout the year we give out points for other various activities and participation within the club. 

Note: If you sign up to volunteer and do not show up, 3 pts are subtracted from your total. This is unless you inform an officer 24 hours before the event takes place. So it is very important that you do commit. 
Shadowing: You must have a total of 10 points before you can shadow.

Cords Program:

 Graduating seniors who meet the following criteria my wear cords at commencement:

You must have 20 points total between your last two semesters with the club.

For example: If you are graduating this December then you must have 20 points total between the last Spring 2015 and this Fall 2015 semesters.