Elections for GSC officer positions for the 2016-2017 academic year were held during the Monday, May 2nd general meeting. As the GSC leadership team, we are excited about working to continue to improve the graduate school experience at CSU.
Contact information for the new GSC officers can be found on the Contact GSC or GSC officers page.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 GSC Advising & Mentoring Award:
Dr. Asa Ben-Hur of Computer Science,
Dr. Jason LaBelle of Anthropology, and
Dr. Courtney Schultz of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
Earning honorable mention distinction: 
Dr. Courtney Jahn of Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management, 
Dr. Patricia Davies of Occupational Therapy, 
Dr. Richard Finke of Chemistry, 
Dr. Rosa Martey of Journalism & Media Communication,
and Dr. Chuck Henry of Chemistry
Thanks to everyone who nominated their advisor!

The discussion within the Committee for Scholarship, Research, and Graduate Education (CoSRGE) on The Graduate School proposal for raising the number of credits required for students on GRA's and GTA's has been tabled until the fall 2016 semester. If this is an issue you are passionate about please reach out to Anne Byrne (byrne.anne@gmail.com) about possibly taking over as the GSC representative to the committee next year.  

Unlike previous summers, all commuter and residence hall parking lots will be fully enforced as permit lots over the summer (in addition to faculty, staff, and pay-to-park lots). Spring 2016 parking permits expire on July 31st with summer permits for after that date available for purchase. Make sure you are still parking in the correct lots and/or paying a meter to avoid being ticketed over the summer. 

Nick Greenfield, a graduate student in the sociology department, is collecting information on comprehensive and preliminary exams in other departments - please share your responses to the following questions by emailing nigreen@rams.colostate.edu:
1) Are you made aware of what the required exams are when you entered your course?
2) Are there clear guidelines/objectives?
3) Do your exams reflect the standard of your course? 
4) Any other grievances (i.e. concerns of bias, time required to take, antiquatedness, post exam feedback etc.)
5) What is your course and college?

The Graduate School and the CSU Health Network have recently put together a "Graduate Student Health Insurance Communications Toolkit" that can help answer questions about health insurance at CSU and direct you to important external resources. 

We would like to thank the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs for recently putting together information on important graduate student resources.

Upcoming Events

You are invited to a special summer edition of GSC's Friday Afternoon Clubs - on a Thursday!
Free Food (while supplies last) provided by GSC
Please join us Thursday, July 28th from 4-6pm in the LSC Ramskeller
Just look for the GSC Banner! 

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