Wellington Middle School

Wellington Middle School constructed the foundation on February 8, 2010 and installed the wind turbine at the school on February February 15, 2010.  The turbine is located at N  40°42' 29.62", W 105° 0' 2.00". The school installed a 45’ three-piece sectional tower on a 17 foot pier foundation, with the electrical connection back inside the school's electrical service room. The turbine ordered was for 208V, 3 phase service.

The turbine is still awaiting final electrical connection and inspection.  Once these have been completed, the school will register with the CAES Wind for Schools site at Idaho National Laboratory.  

School Contacts:

Ms. Alicia Durand, Principal

4001 Wilson Avenue

Wellington, Colorado  80549

Phone: 970.488.6600; adurand@psdschools.org


Mr. Bill Peisner, Counselor

Phone: 970.488.6605; wpeisner@psdschools.org


Ms. Vicky Jordan, Science Teacher

Phone: 970.488.6600; vjordan@psdschools.org


Mr. Jerry Garretson, Project Manager, Planning Design & Construction

Phone: 970. 490.3589; jerryg@psdschools.org