Walsh High School

Walsh High School was the first to install their wind turbine on November 4, 2009.  The turbine is located at N 37°23'7.63", W 102°17'4.28".  The school installed a 45’ three-piece sectional tower on a 12 foot pier foundation and connected to the service at their bus building.   The installer was Sand Arroyo Energy LLC from nearby Springfield.  The turbine ordered was for 208V, 3 phase service but the service at the connection point is single phase 120V.  The installer worked with Southwest Windpower to identify a solution.  Keith Gomorra with Southwest Windpower was able to establish communication with the turbine from Flagstaff, reconfigure the turbine, and release the turbine brake to allow the turbine to generate power on December 2, 2009.  Communications were then established back to the school via the Skyview 2.0 software by December 16, 2009.

Real time data for this turbine can be found at the Wind Power Program at Idaho National Lab's Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES Energy) website here:


School Contacts:

Mr. Kyle Hebberd, Superintendent and Elementary School Principal

301 Poplar, P.O. Box 68

Walsh, CO 81090

Phone: 719.324.5400, ext. 219; kyle.hebberd@walsh.k12.co.us


Mr. Ryan Renquist, High School Math Teacher

300 North California Street

Walsh, CO 81090

Phone: 719.324.5221, ext 114; ryan.renquist@walsh.k12.co.us


Ms. Janet Chenoweth, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Phone: 719.324.5400, ext 221; janet.chenoweth@walsh.k12.co.us

Check out their story at the DOE Energy Empowers website here:


Michael Kostrzewa,
Apr 15, 2010, 11:37 AM