Kit Carson R-1 School

Kit Carson School District installed their wind turbine at the school on December 14, 2009.  The turbine is located at N 38°46'1.03", W 102°47'28.73".  The school installed a 45’ three-piece sectional tower on a SMaRT foundation with a 76” diameter and 42” depth.  The service was connected to a meter located about 250 feet away that serves the community park lighting and building (the school pays for the electric service through this meter).  The installer was Advanced Energy Systems, LLC from Denver, and the electric utility is K.C. Electric Association, the local Touchstone Energy Cooperative and member co-op for Tri-State Generation and Transmission.  Following some issues to reconfigure the voltage of the service to the turbine, communications were established to the turbine via the Skyview 2.0 software and the turbine began generating power on December 15, 2009.  However, the turbine began shutting down prematurely in 14 mph winds on December 18, 2009.   A short is suspected in the inverter and efforts are being made by Southwest Windpower, Advanced Energy Systems and the Colorado WAC to replace the turbine.

School Contacts:

Mr. Gerald Keefe, Superintendent

102 West 5th Avenue

Kit Carson, CO 80825

Phone: 719.962.3219;


Mr. James T. Hogan, Science Teacher

Phone: 719.962.3219;

Michael Kostrzewa,
Apr 15, 2010, 11:32 AM