Arriba-Flager Consolidated School District and High School

Flagler High School installed their wind turbine at the school on December 20, 2009.  The turbine is located at N 39°17'39.73", W 103° 4'20.83".  The school installed a 45’ three-piece sectional tower on a SMaRT foundation with a 76” diameter and 42” depth.  The service was connected to the school’s main meter located about 100 feet away near the football field.  The installer was Eastern Plains Wind Energy, LLC from Bennett, CO, and the electric utility is K.C. Electric Association.  The final connection was delayed until the final electrical inspection, so the turbine didn’t begin generating power until January 12, 2010.  Communications could not be established to the turbine via the Skyview 2.0 software.   This turbine is currently operational but is not yet communicating back to the school

School Contacts:

Mr. Tom Arensdorf, Superintendent and High School Principal

Phone: 719.765.4684, ext. 223;

421 Julian Ave., Flagler, CO 80815


Mr. Allen Bell, Science Teacher

Phone: 719.765.4684;

Michael Kostrzewa,
Apr 15, 2010, 11:29 AM