Great Volunteer Opportunities Fall 2015!

CSU has partnered with Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR) in Loveland to develop a volunteer program specifically for CSU students interested in Health Professions. MCR is now recruiting volunteers for the fall semester. The spots available are: 


8 open spots in the MCR ER

8 open spots in the Greeley ER

4 open spots in Surgery Waiting Room (2 will have gurney transport)

5 open spots in Cardiac/Surgery Floater position 7-10am

3 or 4 open spots in nutrition 

A few spots in the Cardiac Cath Lab


As pre-health professions students you understand the importance of clinical experience. The goal of the MCR/CSU volunteer partnership is to give you the opportunity to be in a health care setting on a regular basis and to acquire hours that will enhance your application’s competitiveness.  As we often tell you, ANYexperience in a health care setting is valuable. You will be in the hospital, you will meet health care providers, you will work with patients and families. You will become familiar with the culture of the hospital and the interactions among health care professionals. Not all experiences are going to be fast-paced or in a specialty area that intrigues you. It is important that you have a wide view of what clinical experience is and that you are willing to observe and volunteer in a variety of settings.


If you are interested in the above positions please contact me at linda.stoddard@colostate.edu  and I will forward an application packet to you and will ask you to list your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. Be aware that there is absolutely no guarantee that you will be assigned your first choice. I expect that you will be willing to accept any volunteer position that is offered to you through this process.


Please let me know your interest no later than Friday September 4th.


Let me know if you have any questions.


 Are you interested in volunteering in the Fort Collins Community while having fun and making new friends? The SLiCE office has two programs designed to create meaningful relationships between student volunteers and community members of various ages with a variety of abilities and disabilities. Please see the program information below:

 SLiCE Adaptive Swim (Formally Special Needs Swim)

Each week, students and their partners spend an hour in the pool for exercise, games, and friendship. These sessions are oriented towards developing relationships, improving body coordination and skills, and most importantly, having fun in the water!  Through mutually beneficial relationships, participants gain a greater sense of connection with others and strength within themselves. 

 Program Details: 
·         Sunday afternoons from 3:30-5:30pm at the Edora Pool and Ice Center’s (EPIC) swimming pool. 
·        Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm at the Edora Pool and Ice Center’s (EPIC) swimming pool. 

For more information on SAS please visit http://www.slice.colostate.edu/special-needs-swim.aspx 
You can fill out an application for SAS at https://ramlink.collegiatelink.net/form/start/24350


Thank Golly It’s Friday (TGIF)

TGIF is a program pairing CSU student volunteers with teens in the community who have a variety of complex needs. This unique program offers mutually beneficial relationships and learning for both teens and college students.  It promotes diversity and advocacy, and honors individuality and independence. On Friday nights from approximately 5pm-8pm, once or twice a month, the community gets together to participate in social activities including scavenger hunts, bowling, Halloween fun, CSU athletic events, swimming, movie nights, crafting, fun at Inspiration Park, and, everyone’s favorite – Prom!  

For more information on TGIF please visit http://www.slice.colostate.edu/tgif.aspx 
You can fill out an application for TGIF at https://ramlink.collegiatelink.net/form/start/24277  

If you have any questions about the program please contact:

Jessica Charbonneau

Volunteer Programs Graduate Assistant

Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement Office

SAHE Graduate Program Coordinator



Steps to Becoming a Pharmacist:

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Another step that might help you become a pharmacist is...JOINING CSU's PRE-PHARMACY CLUB!

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Pre-Pharmacy Club Highlights:


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Opportunities to meet your peers!
Participation in volunteer and community service projects
Participation in the Pre-Pharmacy Shadowing program
Learn about applying to Pharmacy School

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