MartiN St. JohN
"For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it."
-Matthew 16:25
"This project clearly illustrates the potential to create lasting value through the holistic integration of living systems and rainwater into the context of a elementary grade school. The entire site has been crafted as a learning and play space for the students. The involvement of the students in aspects of the landscape offers a level of engagement that gives them a unique sense of ownership. There is a beautiful focus on water- rainwater has been artfully incorporated into the design as a didactic and playful amenity. The simple composition of the courtyard is an elegant, integrated extension of the contemporary building design, enhanced with the lush, naturalistic landscapes at grade and on the green roofs. The use of certain local plant species in an ornamental context illustrates the potential to adapt certain native plants into a cultural setting when the habitat is (re)created for them. The project is an excellent example of how an integrated, high-performance site/landscape can provide a superior learning environment crafted to the unique attributes of a particular place.
—2010 Professional Awards Jury