The 2017-2018 Math Department

Principles of the Ramona High School Mathematics Department

  1. We maximize student involvement, model activity, and stimulate student minds by creating an environment where students must think, act, use technology, interact, and respond to questions.
  2. We vary methodology to stimulate minds.
  3. We use repetition and spiraling (re-teaching) of topics. We continue to revisit topics in various contexts so that our students can retain the concepts.
  4. We consider Math I to be our hub course and the foundation of our program.; teaching efforts at this level will be focused primarily on getting students to acquire those fundamental algebraic skills essential for success. 
  5. We require a grade of C or better in any pre-requisite course for a student to be promoted to the next course in the sequence; this is to ensure that those students moving on to the next level have demonstrated the necessary skills to be successful. Summer school remediation is required of those who do not make the qualifying grade. A list of essential skills to be mastered for each course will be posted in classrooms. Acquisition of these skills will be tied to the course grade. 
  6. We take responsibility to direct our students to the next appropriate course to assist the counseling department. Students must have our signed approval for their next course.
  7. We, as a department, are responsible to develop and implement the curriculum based on the common core state standards. We feel responsible to our students and will ensure that the course curriculum that we present to them challenges them and helps them to achieve what we know to be necessary skills at each level.
  8. We teachers who teach the same courses will partner together so that we will, in principle, move at the same pace, test together, and compare results to facilitate both communication and cohesion within the department.
  9. We will make every effort to make collegial observations of one another, to learn from each other, to share with each other, and to make ourselves better teachers.