Getting Started with eFolio (e-portfolio)

An electronic portfolio, or eFolio, is a multimedia website designed to store and display your academic and career related information.  It's an opportunity to discuss and reflect upon your experiences, your goals, and more. Unlike a paper resume, an eFolio can "come alive" and include documents, audio and video files, links to related sites, examples of your achievements and activities, and greater detail on your accomplishments. It can also provide a place for feedback from visitors, and the ability to create specific 'views' for particular audiences. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about eFolios, and watch the tutorials and user guides to learn how to get started building your e-portfolio.

First-Time eFolio Account Setup  

If you are new to eFolio, click on the link above and follow the steps to create your e-portfolio account (use your Ramapo email address.) You will need the access code, which you should get from your instructor, in order to create your account. If your instructor is not sure about the access code, he/she should contact the Instructional Design Center. If you already have an eFolio account, follow the login information below.

eFolio login

(accounts created Sept. 2013 and after)

eFolio login (accounts created prior to September 2013)

eFolio tutorials and user guides:

Help: Context sensitive Help menu is available once you login, on the right column near the bottom.

Customer Support: is available to all users.