About Us

For Students 

No matter what grade you are in you are part of Phoenix Service! To start volunteering, sign up to get emails about upcoming events.  At the beginning of the year, we will pick a handful of Co-Leaders. The Co-Leaders will help lead events.  In order the keep the status of Co-Leader, you must volunteer at 4 events and lead at least one event.  Those who aren't Co-Leaders will still be able to volunteer throughout the year!


-General Student Population: keep an eye on your email for upcoming service opportunities and Co-Leader "applications"

- Co-Leaders: you will work with one member of the Leadership Committee to help lead an event.  Together, you and the Leadership Committee member will help with advertisement, implementation and follow through for the event.  In order to keep this status you MUST__________________________ . 

For Parents
You can help out by being Chaperones! In order to become one, you must email Hanah Page (hpage@raleighcharterhs.org) and attend a Chaperone training.