PHOENIX FEST: Showcasing the RCHS Spirit of Discovery and Community  
What is Phoenix Fest? 

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 Phoenix Fest is the new version of Community Crosswalk. During the half-day on May 19th, juniors and seniors will present to their peers about their academic, cultural, musical, experiential and service learning. This is a great way for clubs, classes, community workday groups, teams and individuals to share what they learned and achieved throughout the year.  

 Feb 24, 2017: Deadline for juniors and seniors
         to sign up to present and get a free T-shirt!
    March 17th, 2017: Final deadline to sign up to          
         present at Phoenix Fest. Don't get left out!
    April 24-28: Students choose presentations to attend.

     May 19, 2017: Phoenix Fest from 9am-12:15pm


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Phoenix Fest Presenters Questionnaire ‎‎(2017)‎‎