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Ms. Chalifoux graduated with a BA in English from Arizona State University and an MFA in poetry from Columbia University. While living in New York, she was the Assistant Director of the 
Poetry Society of America.
efore coming to Raleigh Charter, she taught literature, creative writing, and experiential learning courses at DePaul University. For the last five years of her tenure there, she also co-directed the Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Program. She has published one chapbook, In This Light, (West Town Press), and numerous poems in literary magazines such as The Antioch Review, The Clockwatch Review, Seeding The Snow, The Brooklyn Review, among others. Her poems are currently appearing in Punchnels and Hinchas de Poesia.She is an avid practitioner of yoga and likes gardening, kayaking and hiking. She also loves fine detective fiction and good coffee. She lives with her magical daughter Ktimene in Rolesville, NC.


"Stories are not mere flights of fantasy or instruments of political power and control. They link us to our past, provide us with critical insight into the present and enable us to envision our lives not just as they are but as they should be or might become." -- Aziz Nafisio