5. Persistence

Introduction to Persistence
Persistence ( Retention )

Is pushing contents form Short Term Memory to Long Term Memory.

Those who find it difficult to remember things and feel they have a poor retention capability, will need to use some of the following tools to enhance their persistence. ( Quantization, Hierarchical Organization, Sequencing ,Repetition, Visualization & Metaphor) 

1) Quantization

Make things measurable and hence manageable. 

2) Hierarchical Organization

Organize information in Hierarchy ( well IT guys do it always, File structures, tree, XML). Books are also organised in hierarchy ( Chapters, Topics, Subtopics etc ) .

3) Sequencing

Sequence is easy to remember ( eg time-line of FB) than the information scattered around without any common thread. Stories and Movies are easy to remember as there is a chain ( sequence) of events in it. Movies become more complex to understand when the sequencing rule is not followed. If there is no inherent sequence in the things to remember ... create one. 

4) Repetition 

When all else fail, one thing works, Repetition. Repetition doesn't expect too much talent from us , however it expects sincere intent and effort. It is time consuming, but always gives result. 

5) Visualization

If a picture is worth a thousand words then an animation is worth a thousand pictures. If possible, try to visualize the subject you are trying to learn. When someone sees things happening in Real world or Mental world ,Retention increases. Animate the subject in your mind if you want persistence. Diagrams help. 

6) Metaphors
To teach someone an airplane you can start with a sparrow, draw parallels and make learning easy. Metaphors work like magic , they increase retention and also develop deep insights. Adults ,who are self-learning new things, can use this very effectively as they already have a lot of real world and subject knowledge.