The Rainshadow Portfolio

All the tools you need to create a great student portfolio

Portfolio Dividers by Grade Level

Writing a Strong Reflection

Assessment of the Portfolio

How To Use Google Sites

What is a portfolio?

A "portfolio" is simply a fancy and short way of saying "a collection of your best work."  The idea comes from the art and advertising worlds, where people will put samples of their most interesting work into a folder or binder to carry around with them to show other people.  Your portfolio can serve the same function when you are looking for a job or applying for school.  It says, "See?!  Here's what I can do!"

What makes portfolios so useful?

Portfolios are great because they are a no nonsense way of demonstrating your skills.  While a test score, examination score, or a grade is an indirect indication of what you can do, portfolios are concrete and direct.  You can't fake a portfolio:  you either did the job or you didn't.

What do portfolios do, and why do we use them?

Rainshadow is an alternative school where you get to march to the beat of a different drummer.  We believe that you can best demonstrate what you are learning by collecting examples of your work and reflecting upon what you have learned in a public way.  In traditional schools, you get a grade on a transcript.  At Rainshadow, you get a grade on a transcript, but you also have something to show for your work.

Nuts and Bolts of a Rainshadow Portfolio

  1. Google Site
  2. Individual Classwork
  3. Cover page for your website
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Reflections for each of your classes
  6. Dividers and Outcomes


How do I choose what to include?

  1. An assignment where you learned something about yourself
  2. A learning moment
  3. An assignment that demonstrates your best work
  4. An assignment that shows what it is to be a student at Rainshadow
  5. An assignment you are proud of
  6. An assignment you were disappointed with--  why?