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 And all of a sudden, IT'S JUNE!! Keep plugging along. Behavior rules did not change and Math rules never do. You can count on that. 


(quick Math practices to get you started)

Flash Cards- available at dollar stores, or better, yet make them together. There is not a lot of time to practice here at school. Most of this practice needs to be done at home.

Skip Counting- First learn counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 100s, then try 3s, 9s, 11s. Finally, the tough ones 4s, 6s, 7s, and 8s. You'll be amazed at how this helps.

Real-life Counting

ex. How many cars passed us on the way to Glens Falls?

How many forks did you put away?


ex. Put groups of similar things together. Sort by color, size, shape, number of items. (laundry, silverware, coins) Ask "How are these groups the same or different?"


What is a face clock (analog)?


What time is it?

How long did it take you?

How long must you wait?


Sort and count coins.

Have your child make change.

Collect the different state coins.

Discuss the information on the money.


Go Fish with playing cards


Dice- Roll, add or multiply the numbers.

Kids Menu

(Good for K-2, but not limited to younger students)

Starfall @

Funbrain @

Abcya @

Matharama @

Take Out Available

(Books that may be borrowed from my room)

26 Letters and 99 Cents by Tana Hoban

The Adventures of Penrose, the mathmetical cat by Theoni Pappas

Arithme-tickle by Frank Remkiewicz

Do You Wanna Bet? By Jean Cushman

Fractal, googols and Other Mathmetical Tales by Theonni Pappas

Math Dictionary for Kids by Theresa Fitzgerald

Math Fables by Greg Tang

Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy

One Hundred Ways to Get to 100 by Jerry Pallotta

Sir Cumference and All the Kings Tens by Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Cindy Neuschwander






(websites to sink your teeth into)

Math Playground. @

Room Recess @

Kids Math Play @

Cool Math for Kids @

Learning Planet @

Mr. Wolfe's Math @

AAA Math @

Johnie's Math Page @

Math Game Time @

NYS Math Website @

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(A little extra practice/worksheets)

Softschools @

Super teacher worksheets

Teachnology @

Math aids @

A plus Math @


(To hydrate your brain)

Brain Bashers @

Erich's Puzzle Palace @

Kids Math Games @

Student Reviews      

Title Math is ok.-A.R  
Title is Awesome.- L.S.
I like this class. V.C.
I think Math is a lot easier. S.H.
I like this class. A.E.


(Books that combine food and math for motivational learning)

Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta

Cheerios Counting Book by Barbara McGrath

Hershey's Fraction Book by Jerry Pallotta

Hershey's Kisses Subtraction Book by Jerry Pallotta

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fraction Book by JerryPallotta

Hershey's Multiplication Book by Jerry Pallotta

Hershey's Weights and Measures by Jerry Pallotta

Pizza Fractions by Jerry Pallotta

M&M Addition Book by Barbara McGrath

The M&M's Color Pattern Book by Barbara McGrath

Reese's Pieces Count by Ten by Jerry Pallotta

Twizzlers Percentage Book by Jerry Pallotta

Hershey's Chocolate Math From Addition to Multiplication by Jerry Pallotta