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August 6, 2018, from 2 to 7 
Come by the school to pick up schedules and visit teachers and classrooms.  
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Students at RCMS are expected to be appropriately dressed for school.  The appropriate dress does not include any clothing that distracts/disrupts the learning environment or educational process or is offensive. Examples of distracting/disruptive clothing include, but are not limited to the following:

1.   Attire which promotes alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, profanity, or any substance illegal to minors.

2.   Wearing apparel that does not reach the knees when the shorts or skirt are at the waist.

3.   Tank tops, athletic tops, midriff blouses, T-back blouses, and transparent blouses are not permitted.

4.   No tops or blouses can be worn which expose any part of the midriff. Low-cut necklines are not permitted.

5.   Clothing with holes above the knee, spandex, or bicycle pants is not permitted.  (Holes above the knee that expose skin or undergarments are not allowed.)

7.   Sunglasses inside the school building, unless they are prescription sunglasses, may not be worn. (Wearing of sunglasses for an eye illness must be approved by an administrator.)

8.   Hats, caps, bandanas, gloves, etc. are not allowed.

9.   Sagging pants and/or underclothes worn below the hip, thus exposing the student, are not permitted. Pants must be worn at the waist.

10. Any clothing which shows the undergarments is inappropriate.

11. Gang-related dress apparel such as but not limited to trench coats are not permitted.

12. Graffiti on clothing or on your person is not permitted.

13. Shoes or boots that cause scuff marks on the floors will not be allowed.

14. If leggings are worn, the shirt or skirt must reach the end of the fingertips when the students’ arms are extended down.  

The administration reserves the right to determine whether any form of dress or grooming is inappropriate.  Students violating the dress code will be required to change, or they will not be allowed to attend class until the inappropriate dress is corrected.  Continual violation of this rule will be considered insubordination and disciplinary action will be taken.


Parent Letter 8-17-17 - Spanish

Parent letter 8-17-17.docx

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