Client Speaks:

"Price sensitive. Something we loved about Raahithi INC considering the times."

"Amazing turn around time and sets clear expectations."

and more...

Quite a bit goes into every word when you want to convince people. Every word becomes so important that you want to give attention to the last letter. Putting up a website with some jazzy images and animation is easy and people do fall for that. 

When we set out our journey, we wanted to be different - not because we are an adamant or egoistic bunch, but because that how you get notice (with regard to our website, with the little time spared after servicing our clients, we thought this will be our best bet).

And we do take 'being different' seriously. Be it designing your creative PPC campaigns, or deploying SEO, developing web applications development or Facebook Apps, the keyword is 'being different.'

Do join us on this journey and let us give you a fresh feel.

Honors that we Honor: