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I am an Associate Professor of Chemistry
at the Center for Learning Innovation
at the University of Minnesota Rochester.
Mail address:
University of Minnesota Rochester;
111 South Broadway, Suite 300 Rochester, MN 5590 

E-mail: “pratr001″ and then don’t forget to type
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Web 2.0linkedin, skype (xavierprat), facebook, twitter, google+, slideshare, prezi

Professional interests:

  • Teaching Chemistry and Biochemistry with a strong focus on the use of technology to improve higher-order thinking. My teaching style includes active learning, flipped classroom and the use of web materials and large question banks for students' self-assessment.
  • Visualization and navigation of chemistry data. Using cheminformatics tools to build resources that may help chemistry learning.
  • Visualization and navigation of student data. Using learning analytics tools to understand student learning at a larger time scale.
  • Computational and theoretical chemistry. Modelling of chemical and biochemical reactions. Dynamical and statistical methods applied to condensed phase systems: enzymatic reactions and proton channels
Other interests:
  • Parenting, above all. Coffee, hoppy locally brewed ales, running, pretending to read while staring out the window, dolce far niente.

My life so far:

My name:

My name is pronounced in the Catalan language and it sounds in English like “Cha-vee-ay”(listen to the pronunciation: ). In Spain's tradition, people have two last names, the father’s (Prat) and the mother’s (Resina). In the US I write my last name hyphenated... when they let me.