some stuff that is off the front page, priorities change. 

KBB Automated Entrances - Rotating automatic doors, need any?

My old server has been offline since the old PII computer it was running on failed, it was probably close to 10 years old so no tragedy. I haven't found an easy way to send many files to this Google hosted site, believe it or not. In my research there was no way to do sftp, rsync, scp or anything that would be usefull to me. Only web interfaces, they are nice, but I would like to use my software at this end and upload my old content.

I have been playing with Joost and it is pretty cool. Based in Skype P2P technology but this time it delivers TV with a DVR built in. I am starting to question why I need to have 2 TVs that I have here. It is a bit jumpy on my AMD1700 with 512 Megs or RAM, but I suspect that your hardware is faster.
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Below what traffic looks like in my area.

Meanhwhile if you really need something email me and I will expedite the data recovery. My main problem is uploading to the new server, seems there is no ftp, only web based forms, how lame is that!


PS and while you wait, why not enjoy a game of PacMan