Linux Mercenary

Considering employment in May 2018.

Need devops SRE help? Linux SysAdmin, AWS, AMIs 

I am searching for a RightScale, EC2, S3, Linux SysAdm, LAMP, Asterisk, job close to El Segundo, California and have a resume (google.DOC). I used work at INTUIT, Anaplan, SAP, Teradata and Gorilla Nation. I do consulting by the hour am available by appointment, or call me I may have time right now. If you need help with your Linux, VoIP or Asterisk, I am the guy to call. I will also work on your Windows PCs or give you training if you need it. I have years of experience and am highly rated on Ingenio, IRL, and have references if you need them. I can work remotely over Skype, ssh, or VNC, bill via PayPal, will talk with you about major projects or can solve those little annoyances that you have.

I have XP, Ubuntu, or CentOS here ready to go and test your apps, or debug your problem. With a relationship with VoxLineSystems, I can setup your company with a hosted PBX solution, great sound quality, at an affordable price.


We do IT consutling and accept: