Welcome to the Cholesterol Research Center studies webpage!

The Cholesterol Research Center (CRC) was established in 1988 by the Children's Hospital of Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) under the direction of Ronald M. Krauss, M.D. CHORI is the research branch of the Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland (CHRCO).

The CRC works in conjunction with a scientific and laboratory team at CHORI. Together, our mission is to develop new scientific information that can be used for reducing the risk of heart disease.

Over the years, hundreds of participants have been involved in studies examining the interaction of diet and genetic factors relating to the risk of heart disease. Early research at the CRC showed that individuals with differing genetic profiles require different types of diets for reducing risk for heart disease. More recently, studies have focused on new treatments for improving metabolic profiles associated with heart disease and diabetes.

If you are interested in participating in one of our studies, please explore the links below. Finding cures for diseases or developing new treatment options requires the help of people just like you who volunteer, or refer others, to participate in clinical research. To contact the CRC directly, call 866-513-1118 (toll free), or email CRCinfo@chori.org.


Recruiting teen boys (13-18y) who regularly drink soda or other sugary drinks for an 8-week study. Participants are paid up to $420 for completing the study. 

The Mediterranean Full Fat Dairy (MFFD) Study
Recruiting men and women ages 21+ years for a 14-week study on Mediterranean-style diets and risk factors for heart disease. Participants are compensated $1000 for completing the study.