Models of Giftedness

Francois Gagne's Differentiated model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT)

Francois Gange's model of giftedness is is taught as part of the students personal development. It is useful for highlighting a pathway to help them turn their gifts into talents. It also explains the impact of chance or luck, and people and environment on this development.
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Tannenbaum's Sea Star model of Giftedness

Tannenbaum's Sea Star model of Giftedness covers a lot of the same aspects as Gagne's model including chance and change over time

Renzulli's model of Giftedness

Joseph Renzulli's Three Ring model of Giftedness is about the three characteristics that he believes all successful gifted adults display. They may have other characteristics but they must exhibit these three -

above average ability,


and task commitment.