Trees for Survival Programme

Trees for Survival ( is a programme which promotes the growing and planting of native trees to help control soil erosion, increase stream flow, improve water quality and to create new habitats for our native flora and fauna. The programme enables children to learn about the role of trees in the environment as well as providing the opportunity to become involved in environmental restoration projects. Trees for Survival is administered by a charitable trust which engages schools, supporting organisations, local councils and landowners in community projects to protect local environments.
QPS is excited to have the opportunity to be involved in this ongoing partnership. A plant-growing unit is based at school and students nurture and grow seedlings (the planting unit can produce up to 1,500 plants per year) until they reach a size where they can be planted. QPS works with Queenstown Lakes District Council, partners in the programme and supporting organisations to plant the trees in our local environment. There is no monetary cost to school – Accor Hospitality through their hotels have become major spon-sors of Trees for Survival nationwide and work with particular schools in each region.Locally, QPS would like to thank Novotel Queenstown Lakeside Hotel, St Moritz M Gallery Collection, Sofitel Queen-stown Hotel & Spa and Mercure Resort for supporting this initiative. Their involvement in the project is underpinned by these hotel’s commitment to Accor’s Planet 21 environmental programme – a worldwide commitment by Accor Hospitality in regards to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Additionally, seven fruit trees have been donated to school by the local Accor hotels to symbolise the beginning of this exciting ongoing partnership. The fruit trees have been planted at various locations around school.

Update - November 2013

The Plant Growing Unit has been set up behind the Intermediate block and Year 5 and 6 classes have been pricking out and re potting seedlings. Barb Simpson, a local expert, demonstrated correct techniques and Year 6 children were able to use their Stewart Island Camp nursery expe-rience to help. We are very excited about this new programme, the support from Accor Hotels and the opportunity to liaise with the council for future planning in the Wakatipu area. This is a great link to our inquiry topic, PURE environment and also future science lessons. 

Update - June 2014

Trees for Survival at QPS moved up a gear as we began our first re-potting stage. Our 900 tiny Flax and Carex plants have outgrown their root trainers and now desperately need larger pots. Year 6 students in Room 20 and 29 spent a sunny morning carefully re-potting a third of these plants. We were very grateful to have the invaluable help of six volunteers from our local Accor hotels. For the students, it was great to hear first-hand about Accor’s environmental initiatives and how the Trees for Survival partnership between Accor and QPS works. We are hoping for more sunny days to help with the growth of our plants and also to complete the re-potting of the remaining Flax and Carex plants.