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Room 11 ICT Lab

When we are working as a Tecki Hacker we are developing the Key Competencies by interacting with other students, ideas, places and things.

Thinking = Decision Making: We are always thinking about how to do things better, get more people involved, and expand our skills and the things we can offer other students.

Problem Solving
= As a group we will problem solve how to overcome problems and help our classrooms.
Using Language, Symbols and Texts = "We use computers to communicate in new and exciting ways which opens up new opportunities" (Wellington Tec Angels, 2006). We learn new things and pass it on to the teacher and the students of our classrooms.

Managing Self = Tecki Expert's are organised, motivated, willing to learn new things and willing to lead others to learn new things.

Relating to Others = It is important Tecki Experts learn to work together and look for different ways to pass on and share knowledge.

Participating and Contributing
= Tecki Experts have the opportunity to understand the balance of roles, rights and responsibilities of looking after the sustainability of social, cultural and physical environments within our classrooms and on the www.

Tecker Hackers Tuesday 12.45-1.20 in Room 31 with Miss Mac.
This term hackers are looking at IMOVIE and how we can use this tool for learning.  They are building confidence to take their new learning back to their classrooms as experts.

Term 3, Week 5

Term 3, Week 4
The Hackers came up with ideas for their own short films using the shots they had learnt last week.  They had six frames and draw their story.  They are bringing props next week to begin their movies.
We went outside to use the zoom effect on the ipad video.  We also looked for stars like our sun using 'Star Chart'
We meet one of our Year 7 Tecki Expert Leaders, Lachlan, who will be helping problem solve with the group on Tuesdays.  He is a whiz on computers however, coding is one of his favourite things.

Term 3, Week 3
We went on a walk about taking close up videos of leaves, trees, people and action shots.  We learnt to keep our ipads steady on a solid surface and keep our subject in the centre of the frame. 
We looked for planets on 'Star Chart'.

Term 3, Week 2
We used the ipads to look at the stars on 'Star Chart'.  As the middle to intermediates are studying astronomy in Term 3 the Hackers were the expects taking back apps and programmes that enhance learning in class.  
About 'Star Chart', you can download the free app on your phone or ipad.  It accurately depicts all the visible stars of the northern and southern hemispheres, approximately 120,000 stars, all 88 constellations, including beautiful imagery based on the artwork of 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.  Just tap your finger and everything in the nights sky is yours to investigate, facts, videos of images light years away.

We also looked at IMOVIE trailers and practiced taking close ups, action shots, and scenery shots.  We made a video about our buddy.