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Silver Enviroschool

Enviroschools aims to :
  • Empower Students through their schooling and beyond to make decisions and take action on issues relevant to them, their

    communities and planet in the 21st century.
  • Integrate all aspects of sustainability - social, cultural, economic & environmental.
  • Weave Maori perspectives throughout, as a foundational base for development in this country.
  • Enable long term sustained involvement of participants over many years.
  • Be a scalable model that enables localised learning and solutions to be applied nationwide
We have a clear, shared vision and we are working together creatively to make it happen. There are obvious signs of all the Guiding Principles/Nga Matapono in our ECE centre, across all the areas of ECE center life. We have a sense of inter-relatedness/ whanaungatanga in terms of our ECE centre, our community and our environment.
Our sustainable practice are being kept up and growing; we are branch-ing into new aspect as well as going deeper with existing ones through child-led inquiry.
Children are fully involved in planning and making decisions about actions. We are tracking our progress and can show that more change has happened. Our work has involved lots of people in our centre as well as parents, whanau and other community members.