About Mr. Altman

MR. ALTMAN was born in Youngstown, Ohio. 'Ohio' is not to be confused with 'Idaho'. Idaho is the one way in the west. Ohio is the one with Cleveland in it. He went to public schools in Youngstown through high school.
After high school, Mr. Altman went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Good place.
After Vanderbilt, Mr. Altman taught in Arizona. 'Arizona' is a few states south of 'Idaho'. 'Ohio' is nowhere near either of them.

THINGS MR. ALTMAN LIKES include math, math, math, traveling, math, bunnies, and music. If you make a comment about music in class, Mr. Altman will doubtlessly have a witty response for you, whether or not he actually knows anything about the particular genre/band you are discussing.

IF you have any questions about Mr. Altman, ask him! He's got this crazy habit of providing information when it is requested.