Dextromethorphan is used in many different kinds of cough and flu medicines.The primary use of Dextromethorphan is as a cough suppressant for the temporary relief of cough caused by minor throat and bronchial irritation, as well as those resulting from inhaled irritants.

The structure of dextromethorphan includes an ether linkage to an aromatic ring that is part of a four-ring structure, one ring of which contains a tertiary amine group. In terms of overall structure, dextromethorphan bears resemblance to opium, morphine and cocaine.

Is this chemical safe?

  • Toxicity: this chemical is very toxic if ingested or inhaled and slightly toxic if in contact with the eyes or skin causing slight irritation. This substance is extremely toxic to the nervous system and severe over exposure can result in death.
  • Handling: when handling this chemical wear gloves and prevent direct contact with skin do not inhale or ingest. this chemical should be stored in a cool room and kept away from any heat sources. 
  • Flammability: this chemical may be combustible at high temperatures 
  • Heath hazards: Dextromethorphan is a safe and effective cough suppressant when used as indicated on the product label. However, when taken in doses that far exceed the amount recommended, the ingredient may cause severe nerve damage and feelings of anxiety and depression and can even result in death when ingested in large amounts.

  • 3-Toxic material. May cause serious temporary or residual injury on short term exposure even though prompt medical attention is given.
  • 1-Slightly combustible. Will burn in air when exposed at 1500 F (815.5 C) for 5 minutes. Flash point at or above 200 F (93.4 C).
  • 0-Normally stable material which is not reactive with water

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