Learning in Action

Books donated by a second grade student to the Queensbury Faculty Association.
Student wants to put books in the hands of children who need them.

Freshman football team volunteer readers at QES 


Queensbury Faculty Association Reads and Gives Books to Local Head Start Children


Kahoot! at WHBI

The Power of PINK at WHBI

Participation in Government students work in groups to research local issues.

English classrooms at the high school feature classic drama, local literature and contemporary writers.

Ecosystem Studies At Hovey Pond
Kindergarten Field Trip

Senior Give Back Day
Helping Kindergarten Students Build Towers of Spaghetti and 

Fifth Grade Field Day

QES Third Grade Students at Floating Classroom in Lake George, NY

QHS STEM class has been making catapults. 
Picture is of students testing them.   Using a golf ball sized wiffle ball the greatest distance was 16.8 meters. 
(Into the wind)

Fifth Grade Mexico Day

Students reading The Last Lecture looking for textual evidence to help their debate.

Students reading The Last Lecture looking for textual evidence to help their debate

WHBI Spelling Bee Victory Smiles

WHBI Drama Club Play ... "The Tale of Snow White"

Dr. Seuss Day in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Students Counting to 100

Third Grade buddies working with a kindergarten class!

High School Foreign Language students work in pairs to answer challenge questions...

Kindergarten and Second Grade Classes using Chromebooks

A Happy Holiday for a Local Family
WHBI Adopt-a-Family

                             7th grade students working on an American Revolution group project.

Elementary School students learning a song for Veterans Day.

High School students volunteered this past Saturday for national Help-Portrait Day (help-portrait.com) at the Open Door Mission. Photo students had a great turn out and photographed and delivered about 30 portraits.

Foreign Language students researching library databases on chromebooks.  

QHS Global Studies students create a timeline of conflicts in the Middle East

High School students measure the sun angle on the fall equinox. 
They  can compare the different locations each hour to see how fast the sun appears 
to move across the sky during a single day.

Middle School student attending class from Florida using Facetime.
QMS student attending class from Florida using Face Time.

Spanish 4 class El día de los muertos celebration. 
Students watched a Mexican film in Spanish, had a lively debate on immigration, and to cap it off, 
the students themselves prepared traditional Mexican food- pan de muerto, galletas, guacamole, churros y chocolate.

QHS students develop film.

Using New Nexus Tablets for Math

Kindergarten Choral Read of "Caps for Sale"

Talk Like a Pirate Day in Kindergarten at QES

QES Third Grade Author Visit

Third grade students are working on Common Core Mathematics.

Middle school students are reading in comfy chairs during DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time.


 Kindergarten students are reading books on the 6th day of school.

Fifth grade students are dancing a tradition folk dance on their first day of music.

QES art students are categorizing with the color wheel.

Fourth grade students take an American Revolution assessment using 
toy soldiers arranged in NYS battle formations.