Nordic Coaches: Bob Underwood and Chris Frielinghaus

Alpine Coaches:Bob Underwood and Steve Jackson

2012 - 2013 Ski Team News!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nordic practice during exam week will begin at 2:30.  Tuesday we will ski at Cronins golf course.  Bus leaves at 2:30  Skating.  See you there!!!!! 
Lake George Invy Nordic results posted on the Queensbury ski team facebook page.
Saratoga Invitational results are posted on the Queensbury ski team Facebook page. 
Queensbury Invitational Results are up on the "Queensbury Ski Team" Facebook page.  once again i am unable to post them here.  Google Docs makes it into an unreadable mess on about 600 pages.  join the facebook page!!!
*****Relay results are up on the ski team schedule page *****

Schedules and Information may change.  Check back often!!!!