Grade 4 Classroom Resources

Welcome to the Grade 4 resource page!

Homework Resources

The Homework Center - contains a great deal of reference material for research, it is a free site, but there are ads you will have to deal with.

Discovery Homework - Here is the discovery channel's site to help with homework. - This is a free site that has many resources to help with homework.

Homework Help - Contains step-by-step lessons to help with many homework dillemas, it is a pay site

                               though. You can get a free membership for a day!


Math Fact Review

Math Fact Connect 4 (Two Player)

Timed Math Fact Drill

Math Magician Fact Games

Funbrain  - Games of all sorts, try math baseball!

A+ MathFact Monster
Multiplication Fact Timed Test
AAA Math
Math Olympics

Place Value Review

Make the Biggest Number Possible

Place Value Puzzler

Place Value Millionaire

Half Court Rounding (Basketball)
Place Value Practice
Decimal & Whole Number Jeopardy


Geometry Review

Geometric Terms Games
Sorting Triangles & Quadrilaterals Game
Measuring Angles Practice
Categorizing Angles Game
Snowflake symmetry
Geometry games

Area & Perimeter

Shape Surveyer (Area & Perimeter Game)

Fraction Review
Fraction Visualization
Equivalent Fractions
Equivalent Fractions Finder Game
Equivalent Fraction Pointer Game
Factorization Practice
Making & Comparing Fractions Practice
Make Fractions and Sort Them (click on the fraction to move it for the final step) 
Adding Fractions
Fraction Connect 4 (Choose Fractions/Decimal conversion)
Practice Finding Multiples
All About Fractions
Visual Fractions 

Measuring Time Review

Calculating Time
Converting Units of Time
Reading Analog and Digital Clocks
Comparing Times on Analog and Digital Clocks
What time will it be? (Elapsed Time Game)


Function Machine

Function Machine II

Advanced Linear Function Machine




Social Studies

Other Sites